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Indictment: Who is Jonathan Carter?



When your best friend is accused of being one of the biggest drug suppliers in the country one man puts his job, friendship and could be his life to get the truth. Who is Jonathan Carter? It's one man job to find out. One man has told the police that he knows who the devil really is. He claims that Jonathan is the supplier but Jonathan claims to be a hard working husband and father. Who's telling the truth.


Dennis L. Reed II


Deandre Addison, Kimeth Allan, Darrel Arnold, Abrasia Ayuk, Marvin Bennett, Benzino, Mike Bonner, Eastside Boom, Avian Bradley, Elle Breaunna, Ocie Lee Brown IV, Tonja Brown, Sasha Carmen, Romiya Charleston, Donnell Clayton, Donnell J Clayton, Cameron Cottrell, Nick Dexter

Indictment: Who is Jonathan Carter?

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