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Bring Real Life tothe Screen

Who We Are


We are a powerhouse production brand that unapologetically showcases the talents of all facets of acting, with a laser-like focus on producing exceptional BIPOC films and television shows. Our headquarters at DRII Productions specializes in Indie films, and we are making seismic waves in the entertainment industry.


Our goal is to continue expanding in the Indie film industry while also fiercely championing aspiring artists, screenwriters, and filmmakers. We are committed to promoting diversity both behind the scenes and in front of the camera to level the playing field and ensure that the wealth created through entertainment is distributed fairly.


Founded in 2011, we were born out of a relentless desire to do better and be better. Our aim is to stay ahead, and we will stop at nothing until we achieve the results we desire.



Dennis L Reed II, Founder & CEO

Independent filmmaker and successful entrepreneur, Dennis L Reed II has over 15 years of experience in the media and entertainment field. He started as a published author in 2005 and since has created a successful entertainment business that consists of films, plays, and best-selling books with his most recent films have had a 10X return on investment. In addition to DIIR Productions, he has created Homestead Entertainment distribution company.


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