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First Lady II: Maria's Revenge



Maria takes revenge on the man that stole her heart and her mans life. In a chance meeting Maria met Patrick and thought he was everything she wanted in a man only to find out he was everything she wanted to kill in a man. Patrick took her heart so she took is his world and crushed it. Watch as we all take this roller coaster ride to see who will take the streets back and the price they will have to pay for them.


Dennis L. Reed II


Sarah Evalt, Nicole Alexander, Tonja Brown, Kimeth Allan, Avian Bradley, Armetjir Amadi, Cheri Amor, Mignon Armstrong, Daris Bass, Mike Boorn, Avey Bradley, Cailey Nicole Brown, Marshall Burns, Andre Drummond, Darrius Etter, DeJuan Ford, Julius Gregory, Demaris Harvey

First Lady II: Maria's Revenge

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