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I Declare War


Drama, Crime

I Declare War takes you into the heart of the city of Detroit where The Sinclair Family, The Demarco Family & the Khalil Family are each vying for control, power, money and the love of their families. Each family has a strong patriarch but being the leader of an organized crime family comes with a very high price. This is war and casualties will be your wife, your children or even yourself. All rules are being violated and everyone is a target. Old friends are now enemies, families are divided and new family bonds are being formed. Once the gunfire has ceased and the bodies have been found the Judge and the jury will make their call but only God can decide which family will still be around.


Dennis L. Reed II, Jezar Riches


Aleksandra Luca, Harley Wallen, Michael James Alexander, Anthony McNeil, Earnest Lee, Chazmar Hall, Lemastor Spratling, Andrae Todd James Bicy, Ulyssa Hancock, David Pesce, Calhoun Koenig, Saylor Spees, Maia Nelson, Chiquita Dunham-Parker, Ali Baba, Laura Johns, Serina Makled, Waleed Mansoob

I Declare War

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